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Seventy-something Don Anselmo, a retired minister, becomes obsessed with owning a motorized wheelchair and fakes infirmity to get it.
Directed by: Marco Ferreri
Year : 1960 | Duration : 85 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Starring: José Isbert, Pedro Porcel, José Luis López Vázquez
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Draft Day

Draft Day (2014)
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At the NFL Draft, general manager Sonny Weaver has the opportunity to rebuild his team when he trades for the number one pick. He must decide what he's willing to sacrifice on a life-changing day for a few hundred young men with NFL dreams.
Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Year : 2014 | Duration : 109 min
Genre : Drama, Sport
Starring: Kevin Costner, Chadwick Boseman, Jennifer Garner
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Bad Boy Bubby

Bad Boy Bubby (1993)
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Bubby's buxom mother tricked him to stay locked at home for thirty years, during which she mounts and abuses him. Buddy ends up in the streets groping random women until finding a nurse who is even more buxom than his late mother.
Directed by: Rolf de Heer
Year : 1993 | Duration : 114 min
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama
Starring: Nicholas Hope, Claire Benito, Ralph Cotterill
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Around the Block

Around the Block (2013)
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An Aboriginal boy is torn between his unexpected love of acting and the disintegration of his family.
Directed by: Sarah Spillane
Year : 2013 | Duration : 104 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Christina Ricci, Matt Nable, Jack Thompson
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Dune (2000)
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A three-part miniseries on politics, betrayal, lust, greed and the coming of a Messiah. Based on Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel.
Year : 2000 | Duration : 265 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Starring: William Hurt, Alec Newman, Giancarlo Giannini
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Palo Alto

Palo Alto (2013)
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Shy, sensitive April is the class virgin, torn between an illicit flirtation with her soccer coach Mr. B and an unrequited crush on sweet stoner Teddy. Emily, meanwhile, offers sexual ...
Directed by: Gia Coppola
Year : 2013 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Emma Roberts, James Franco, Jack Kilmer
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Elvira Madigan

Elvira Madigan (1967)
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Hedvig Jensen is a famous ropewalker and is known to her public as Elvira Madigan. She meets Lieutenant Sixten Sparre, a Swedish officer who is married and has two children. They both ...
Directed by: Bo Widerberg
Year : 1967 | Duration : 91 min
Genre : Drama, History, Romance
Starring: Pia Degermark, Thommy Berggren, Lennart Malmer
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Chrysalis (2007)
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In the near future Paris, a cop is searching for his wife's killer. The trail leads him to a high tech medical clinic where everything is not what it seems.
Directed by: Julien Leclercq
Year : 2007 | Duration : 94 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Albert Dupontel, Marie Guillard, Marthe Keller
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Faces (1968)
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An old married man leaves his wife for a younger woman. Shortly after, his ex-wife also begins a relationship with a younger partner. The film follows their struggles to find love amongst each other.
Directed by: John Cassavetes
Year : 1968 | Duration : 130 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: John Marley, Gena Rowlands, Lynn Carlin
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The War Game

The War Game (1965)
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The War Game is a fictional, worst-case-scenario docu-drama about nuclear war and its aftermath in and around a typical English city. Although it won an Oscar for Best Documentary, it is ...
Directed by: Peter Watkins
Year : 1965 | Duration : 48 min
Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi, War
Starring: Michael Aspel, Peter Graham, Kathy Staff
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Reflections in a Golden Eye

Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967)
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Bizarre tale of sex, betrayal, and perversion at a military post.
Directed by: John Huston
Year : 1967 | Duration : 108 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller, Romance
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Brian Keith
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Meeting Evil

Meeting Evil (2012)
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John is taken on a murder-fueled ride by a mysterious stranger that transforms the weak-willed, disillusioned husband and father into a desperate hero willing to go to any length to protect his family.
Directed by: Chris Fisher
Year : 2012 | Duration : 89 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Bibb
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Kidnapped for Christ

Kidnapped for Christ (2014)
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A young evangelical filmmaker is granted unprecedented access inside a controversial Christian behavior modification program for teens, where she discovers shocking secrets and young ...
Directed by: Kate Logan
Year : 2014 | Duration : 85 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller, Documentary, News
Starring: Kate Logan
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Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine on Leith (2013)
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Sunshine on Leith is based on the sensational stage hit of the same name, featuring music by pop-folk band The Proclaimers. The film follows the stories of Davy and Ally, who have to ...
Directed by: Dexter Fletcher
Year : 2013 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Musical
Starring: Jane Horrocks, Jason Flemyng, Antonia Thomas
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Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder (1983)
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The cop test pilot for an experimental police helicopter learns the sinister implications of the new vehicle.
Directed by: John Badham
Year : 1983 | Duration : 109 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Roy Scheider, Warren Oates, Candy Clark
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