Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter (2005)
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After resolving a situation of exorcism, the half-breed demon hunter Jake Greyman reports to Cardinal White and they realize that the demon Asmodeus is impregnating many mortals trying to ...
Directed by: Scott Ziehl
Year : 2005 | Duration : 78 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Robert Alonzo, Harlan Baird, William Bassett
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Judgment at Nuremberg

Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)
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In 1948, an American court in occupied Germany tries four Nazi judges for war crimes.
Directed by: Stanley Kramer
Year : 1961 | Duration : 186 min
Genre : Drama, History, War
Starring: Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark
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A group of nun's become possessed by demons and are then tortured in a dungeon of horrors during the inquisition.
Directed by: Jesús Franco
Year : 1973 | Duration : 103 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Doris Thomas
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A girl is caught between the life that took her brother and her own inability to strike out on her own. In her grief, she finds solace in the dark music of Heavy Metal and dreams of becoming a rock star.
Directed by: Ragnar Bragason
Year : 2013 | Duration : 97 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Thora Bjorg Helga, Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson
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Guilty at 17

Guilty at 17 (2014)
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A teenager becomes overwhelmed with guilt after her lies to support a friend's claim of sexual assault lead to the accused teacher's suicide.
Directed by: Anthony Lefresne
Year : 2014 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Erin Sanders, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Catherine Dent
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Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty (2013)
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A special operations unit races to find and prevent the construction of a devastating micro nuclear device created by a group of radical mercenaries whose political beliefs blur the line between terrorist and revolutionary.
Directed by: Drew Hall
Year : 2013 | Duration : 94 min
Genre : Action, Sci-Fi
Starring: Tamer Hassan, Keith David, Elyse Levesque
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Two guys, one of them a magician, are transporting an ancient chinese vampire who can only be controlled by a series of yellow tapes, and is the ancestor of the other guy. On the way, while...
Directed by: Billy Chan
Year : 1991 | Duration : 96 min
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy
Starring: N!xau, Ching-Ying Lam, Sam Christopher Chow
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The Purple Plain

The Purple Plain (1954)
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After losing his bride in a Luftwaffe air raid, bomber pilot Forrester becomes a solitary killing machine, who doesn't care whether he dies. The reckless Canadian pilot is both admired and ...
Directed by: Robert Parrish
Year : 1954 | Duration : 97 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, War
Starring: Gregory Peck, Bernard Lee, Win Min Than
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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)
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Divorced working woman Alex and well-to-do Jewish family doctor Daniel Hirsh share not only the same...
Directed by: John Schlesinger
Year : 1971 | Duration : 110 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson, Murray Head
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I Trust You to Kill Me

I Trust You to Kill Me (2006)
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Directed by: Manu Boyer
Year : 2006 | Duration : 105 min
Genre : Documentary, Music
Starring: David Beste, Ryan Carman, Greg Velasquez
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Haunted-ween (1991)
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Twenty years ago a deadly accident forced Eddie Burber from his home. Since Eddie was younger he wanted to be part of the family business "The Burber Haunted House." A note is placed on the...
Directed by: Doug Robertson
Year : 1991 | Duration : 88 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Brien Blakely, Blake Pickett, Brad Hanks
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Last Summer

Last Summer (1969)
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During summer vacation on Fire Island, three young people--a girl and two guys--become so close that they form a sort-of threesome. When an uncool girl tries to infiltrate the trio's newly ...
Directed by: Frank Perry
Year : 1969 | Duration : 95 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Barbara Hershey, Richard Thomas, Bruce Davison
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Phantoms (1998)
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150 dead and 350 missing in the tiny mountain town of Snowfield, Colorado. And that's only the beginning...
Directed by: Joe Chappelle
Year : 1998 | Duration : 96 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Peter O'Toole, Rose McGowan, Joanna Going
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In the 16th century, a sea captain and his daughter escape a false by running away to become pirates.
Directed by: Mario Costa
Year : 1960 | Duration : 80 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, History
Starring: Gianna Maria Canale, Massimo Serato, Scilla Gabel
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The One I Love

The One I Love (2014)
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Struggling with a marriage on the brink of falling apart, a couple escapes for a weekend in pursuit of their better selves, only to discover an unusual dilemma that awaits them.
Directed by: Charlie McDowell
Year : 2014 | Duration : 91 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, Ted Danson
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